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Our Inverno 2023/2024 collection is out now!
Get ready for Autumn and Winter with our new, warm and cozy designs
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

This digital print collection is designed by our Italian in-house design team. In order to obtain the highest and most consistent printing quality we produce with a state-of-the-art printing facility in Italy. As a result, all the articles in this collection have European Origin. We print our digital print collections on a base fabric 100% cotton 50’s long staple compact yarn.

The collection is divided into six different themes: ‘’Woodland Walk’’, ‘’Velvet Touch’’, ‘’New way of Camo’’, ‘’Poetic Paisley’’, ‘’Shades of Ink’’ and ‘’Know your Knit’’. The fabrics are all perfectly suitable for the classic fashion market. Beautiful colour palettes which will make you feel like you are in another world, from natural hues to striking colour combinations.


Woodland Walk

Take a moment for yourself and go for a walk in the woods. The atmosphere is magical and full of enchanted surprises. Go camping in nature, isolated from chaos and noises from the city. Admire beautiful leaf patterns and seek for animals hidden deep in the forest. The twists in this theme are the pop-art inspired designs. Are you already convinced and would you like to see the entire collection? Click on this link


Velvet Touch

Soft, classical colours combined with baroque-style flowers are the main focus within this theme. The vintage look and feel comes from the corduroy imitations and geometric elements. Gentle appearance and velvet-like designs take you back in time for remembering those precious moments. Can you already smell the scent of the beautiful flowers?


New way of Camo

When thinking of camouflage, specific colours and designs come to mind. In this new way of camo we present new designs with natural elements, such as leaves and flowers. Combined with water coloured and geometric shapes these designs fit perfectly into our new modern world. The traditional colours, such as greens and browns are used in this theme but we also incorporated new fresh colours like grey, blue and orange in the designs. If you would like to see more designs, click here!


Poetic Paisley

With this warm and romantic theme we introduce fresh autumn colours. The paisley design is a well-known design which can be altered in many new, refreshing ways. You will find paisleys with stripes, dots and watercolour effects.


Shades of Ink

Deep, abstract silhouettes in dark tones are the main characters in this theme. Hand drawn designs in multiple shades of blue make this theme unique. The oil painted and watercolour look reminds us of beautiful fresh painted paintings. Click here to see all of the designs of our new Inverno collection!


Know your Knit

Inspired by traditional knits, these designs with digital knit-imitations are ready for the future! This energetic and creative theme shows a wide range of different types of knits perfect for the winter. Cozy, warm designs combined with typical autumn pastel colours.


Why digital print?

Fashion trends are changing ever-faster and digital printing is becoming more attractive by the year, because of the production possibilities, conversion of fashionable designs, low minimum order quantities and fast lead-times.

Did you know, that Tootal Fabrics (Holland) B.V. can produce all of these designs on other fabric qualities as well? And, you can order all of our designs in different colour combinations or discuss your own designs with us. The possibilities are endless!

To find out more about the fabrics of our new Inverno 2023-2024 collection you can search for the articles in our online collection tool, where among other parameters weight and construction is mentioned.


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