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Introducing Digital Classics 1 + 2: A wave of timeless fabrics
Explore 25 new designs infused with classic elegance
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

Introducing Digital Classics 1 + 2, featuring 25 fabrics across two colour cards. This collection blends classic sophistication with flair, offering a versatile range that will enhance any wardrobe or project.


Digital Classics 1

Colour Card 1 features a captivating 100% cotton flower/leaf digital prints in three soothing color combinations: blue/beige, blue/green/beige, and blue/roast/brown, comprising 17 unique designs.


Digital Classics 2

Colour Card 2 has a selection of eight finely crafted small design cards in 100% cotton. With charming references in the base colour blue/beige and multi-coloured dots, this collection offers both seasonal trends and timeless styles.

With a weight of 105 gr/m², each fabric is lightweight yet durable, making it the ideal choice for creating stylish and comfortable shirts perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Check out all these fabrics in our collection tool and feel free to order samples now to experience the quality first hand!



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