Tootal raw materials

From raw material to yarns to fabric; our wide fabric range consists of 100% natural and synthetic fabrics such as cotton, viscose, linen and polyester. We also have compounds like CVC, TC, Cotton/linen, Cotton/bamboo, stretch, etc...


Cotton fabrics

Tootal offers a wide variety of fabrics. Our complete cotton collection is 100% natural cotton of a high and consistent quality. Cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to dye because of it's natural and highly absorbant nature. This also makes cotton fabric easy to blend, coat, finish or print. Cotton fabric is mostly used for making shirts, because it is so comfortable to wear. Our cotton shirt collection has many shades, textures, weights, yarn counts, twisted or single yarns, stretch designs and wrinkle free, silky finishes.




Polyester fabrics

Polyester is a synthetic fibre, made by chemical synthesis of polymers. It is durable, extremely strong, quick drying due to its low absorption of water, and offers a high level of crease resistance and in some weave effects it's almost wrinkle free. The qualities in Tootal's polyester collection are made using the latest fibre and spinning techniques leading to handle and touch that can be felt as luxurious as real silk. Polyester fabrics have come a long way; they are a great choice for travelling because they do not wrinkle at all. Polyester is smooth, light, durable and soft to the touch. It is solid, retains its colour and is anti-static! Our polyester fabric collection is available as lining in different colours and textures.


Viscose fabrics

Viscose is a type of rayon and the oldest manufactured existing fibre. The name is derived from the way this fibre is manufactured: ‘a viscous organic liquid used to make both rayon and cellophane’. In other words, ‘viscose fabrics’ is a generalised term for regenerated manufactured fibres, made from cellulose (a natural polymer) and obtained through the viscose process. A viscose fabric is neither truly natural, nor truly synthetic. It sits somewhere between the two, being a manufactured fibre made from the wooden pulp of renewable plants, including bamboo. Some of the advantages of viscose, among others, include that it is breathable, strong, comfortable and drapes well.




Linen fabrics

Linen fabrics are made of the fibres of the flax plant and are therefore natural products. Linen is one of the oldest textiles of the world. It is highly sustainable due to its strong fibres as well as its lint-free properties. Linen has a coarse structure, making it a cool and light fabric, and very comfortable to wear in hot weather.




CVC Fabrics

The Chief Value Cotton (CVC) fabric is a composition of cotton and polyester, always more than 50% cotton. Combining cotton and polyester fibres in a blended yarn the fabric becomes durable and strong. With a higher content of cotton it becomes more breathable than pure polyester. Our CVC fabrics are available from stock in a wide variety of compositions, weights, textures, yarn counts, designs and colours.



TC Fabrics

TC fabric refers to Tetron Cotton. It is a composition of cotton and polyester, where the polyester yarn in the fabric always amounts to more than 50 percent of the total composition. TC fabric is very popular, because it is strong, durable and wrinkle (crease) resistant, holds colour well and has good hygienic properties. It is often used for different types of uniform shirts; corporate identity and heavier workwear. We have a wide-ranging collection of TC fabrics in different compositions, weights, textures, yarn counts, designs and colours.


Cotton / bamboo fabrics

Bamboo fabric is made from the bamboo grass pulp and is soft. Cotton is a natural fibre and feels comfortable on the skin. A blended composition of these two fabrics offers the advantages of being soft, comfortable and breathable. Cotton/bamboo is more ecological than cotton since less water is required during it's growing phase.

Cotton / linen fabrics

Linen is a natural fibre derived from the flax plant. In its pure form, it can feel dry/stiff to the touch, but when blended with cotton, it becomes softer. This special blend with its natural fibre content has a causal feel and is more prone to creasing (wrinkles) than blends with polyester.


COOLMAX® is a polyester fibre with a unique structure. Because the fibres have a larger surface area than regular fibres, it has excellent breathability. The advantage is that the fabric offers optimal effectiveness in absorbing moisture from the skin. The benefit of using COOLMAX® fabrics for shirts is the comfort it offers. These fabrics are cooling and soft to the touch. You will adore the natural feel and added performance. To sum up, COOLMAX® fabrics are comfortable while still looking fashionable, soft, lightweight and breathable. COOLMAX® is an INVISTA trademark and also available as stretch fabric.



XLA Elastic Yarns are revolutionary polyolefin elastic fibres. Their high elongation and good retractive force provide comfort and give the fabric dimensional stability even after repeated stretching. XLA is used to create fabrics that are comfortable, have heat-set efficiency of 90, a natural cotton look, a nice feel and durability (everlasting stretch performance) available in light stretch and heavy weight fabrics.