#In the spotlights
The 5767
A real winner for corporate and fashion!
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

Sometimes it is good to remind our customer base about a successful fabric. In this case, we would like to emphasise that our NOS article 5767 a fabric with 63% Cotton, 34% Polyester and 3% Stretch, is a proven, excellent fabric for the corporate business with a weight of ± 135 g/m².

This weft-stretch fabric that is washable at 60 degrees is used by a rapidly increasing number of our worldwide clients. Based on their experience, they have realised that this fabric is the perfect choice for the corporate identity market.

Since its introduction in our collection, we have expanded the number of colours, some with an easy care finish (article 5838). In addition, we have even expanded the range with a sustainable variant.

We call it the perfect 'horeca' fabric in The Netherlands. Horeca means the hospitality industry that includes all eating, drinking and lodging establishments. A fun fact; the word horeca is a Dutch amalgamation of the first letters of the words hotel, restaurant and café.

The 5767 is also ideal for the staff of banks, airlines, customs authorities and other institutions. As mentioned in the title, a real winner!

We will continue to add new colours as we go along, because this is also a quality valued by customers operating in the fashion market. Feel free to order some sample meters in the regular, easy care and/or sustainable version to feel the perfect touch, weight and stretch.

Click here to see all the colours and more information for the 5767 and order the colour card (CARD.99.05767). And for the 5838 click here.


Fabric facts

  5767 5838
Fabric description: Piece dye Piece dye
Composition: 63% cotton / 34% Pes / 3% Stretch  63% cotton / 34% Pes / 3% Stretch
Finish type: Standard Easy care
Weight: ± 135 g/m² ± 130 g/m²
Width: ± 147-149 cm ± 142-145 cm
Weave type: Plain Plain
Number of colours:  15 colours 7 colours



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