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New trouser fabrics!
The launch of two new never out of stock items in trouser fabric
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

We have exciting news, Tootal goes trouser fabrics!

Many of our global shirting customers have asked us in the past why we would not offer trouser fabrics as they themselves often have trousers in their collections.

Knowing that we already had access to the best textile Mills, some of which also produce a superb range of trouser fabrics, made it an easier decision to extend our product range with trouser fabrics.

Therefore we are very pleased to introduce two new trouser fabrics which will be part of our Never out of Stock program.

The lighter Cotton-Stretch-Twill article B027 with a weight of 200 gr/m² is typically used for your Summer Chino and the heavier article B028 (also Cotton-Stretch-Twill) with a weight of 290 gr/m² will be used for winter.

Fabrics for a good pair of trousers should not be underestimated. Crease resistance, shape resistance (not bagging at the knees, despite pressure) and some natural stretch which allows the cloth to return to its shape after pressure is key. It will make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

These nice, soft touch cotton-stretch-twill qualities are available in 5 perfect base colours. (Blue, navy, army green, beige and khaki)

The next step in a complete dress-offer from Tootal Fabrics is launched and cards (CARD.99.TR001) and sampling are available.

MOQ is 1 roll of +/- 50 meters, sampling always available.

Feel free to order the colour card of this collection. It is of course also possible to order a sample piece for both summer and winter items in different weights, both in 97/3% co/stretch.



On request we are able to produce special colours for clients based on a MOQ of 500 meter per colour. It is our intention to extend our offer with more standard colours in future.



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For more information about these fabrics or about our collections in general, please contact your sales representative. You can see and download our colour cards in our Webshop, but if you would like a better impression of the fabric, you can order a colour card or sample as well!

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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