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Our Primavera 2024 collection is online!
More than 200 new beautiful designs!
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#In the spotlights

Take a look at our brand new Digital Print collection, featuring over 200 designs! When you feel like going on holiday, sailing or maybe on a safari or quite simply want to have a refreshing drink on a terrace in your own city, this collection will make you experience it all!

We divided the Primavera 2024 collection into five different themes: ‘’Savannah Explorers’’, ‘’Tropical Vibes’’, ‘’On Holiday’’, ‘’Bright Feelings’’ and ‘’Yarn Dye (R)evolution’’. This digital print collection is designed by our own Italian in-house design team. In order to obtain the highest and most consistent printing quality we produce in a state-of-the-art printing facility in Italy. As a result, all articles offered have European Origin.


Savannah Explorers

This mood offers an authentic safari experience that positively influences this theme based on Africa's crucial wilderness area. These designs welcome you into a warm atmosphere and bring you an immersive and remarkable safari experience that you will never forget. The famous cars used in the safari have stripes and leaves inside in green and natural shades.

Flowers in a tribal design have small precious details inside that make them a fresh sensation. Animals are found behind coloured bushes and zebras, giraffes and other animals are mixed in geometric designs. The colour palette used mostly consists of natural colours. Brown, beige, red, blue and green are mixed in attractive colour combinations. Are you already convinced and would you like to see the entire collection? Click on this link


Tropical Vibes

An explosion of colours and nature. Nature is the undisputed protagonist of this theme with animals and tropical forest. The petals of the flowers are like pinwheels with vibrant layers of colour. The fruits are a collage of exciting mosaics, with different elements in them. Parrots fly freely over the tropical leaves and the background in this design is white as day and dark as night.

An important design in this mood is the revolution of the 'bandana style', paisleys are accompanied by exotic leaves, pineapples and hibiscus flowers. The watercolour technique is reflected in natural elements: leaves in different sizes, palm trees and specific geometric designs. The colours in these designs are with a strong bright imprint. Pink, orange, red, warm colours are played with blues and brilliant accents.


On Holiday

Holiday mode on! Please do not disturb! Pack your bag and come on holiday with us!

In this mood, we want to take you sunbathing on beautiful beaches! Sipping a cool cocktail under lush palm trees has never been so exciting! Relaxation while travelling is an important thing and we want to take you on a special trip of creativity and special designs.

Sailing has never been easier, sailboats sail through crystal-clear waters, tropical fish swim over colourful shells and camouflage themselves in the coral reef. Postcards take us back in time and flip-flops make us want to touch the warm sand and blue sky. Parasols look like geometric patterns from above.

Longing for fun? Some patterns have a strong personality. You can help look into it! Hungry piranha, funny fish & surfing sharks are waiting for you! Life on the beach is really fun! If you would like to see more designs, click here!


Bright Feelings

Setting the mood with Expressive colours and shapes. ‘Bright Feelings’ is a concentration of positivity and vibrant colours. Most of the drawings are done with the watercolour technique, the shapes are soft, elegant and fluid. The designs give us a sense of lightness and comfort. Dots are enriched with yarn-dye effect on the background and summer paisley are above vichy effects.

The floral part of this mood includes various types and sizes of watercolour flowers with camouflage colours resembling dots. The more whimsical part of this theme includes very large designs with baroque ramage on a white background or placed in classic stripes. The freshness of this mood should be savored!


Yarn Dye (R)evolution

Real or fake? Big mystery!

There is a constant need for innovation; an interest in new and disruptive concepts alongside a new aesthetic. In ‘yarn dye (r)evolution’, fabric is changed, it is more modern and, above all, digital. Fabric gives you the same comfort and feel, to understand its composition you have to touch it to discover another world in fashion textiles.

Feel the revolution of technology! Checks, madras and stripes are the kings of this kingdom. The colours are simple but suitable for summer: light blue, medium and dark blue, pink, beige and natural colours. Click here to see all of the designs of our new Primavera collection!


Why digital print?

Fashion trends are changing ever-faster and digital printing is becoming more attractive by the year, because of the production possibilities and converting of fashionable designs, low minimum order quantities, fast lead-times.

Did you know, that Tootal Fabrics (Holland) B.V. can produce all of these designs on other fabric qualities as well? And, you can order all of our designs in different colour combinations or discuss your own designs with us. The possibilities are endless.


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