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Our new GRS item 9648 is available in multiple colours
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#In the spotlights

We recently introduced item 9648, a twill weave, piece dyed fabric. The item is available with a GRS certificate and comes in 5 beautiful colours!

Due to the use of the elastic filament fibre called XLA, which is as elastic as Spandex, the fabric can be washed at 85°C. The composition of Polyester(65%), Cotton (32%) in combination with the XLA (3%) is improving the comfortability and durability of this mid-weight workwear fabric. It is the perfect sustainable fabric for jackets, trousers and tunics in a range of working environments.

This item with 5 different colours has been added to our sustainable collection and can be seen here in our collection tool.


Fabric facts 

Fabric description: Piece dyed stretch 

Composition: 65% Polyester / 32% Cotton / 3% XLA

Weight:  ± 210 g/m²

Width: ± 152 cm

Weave type: Twill  

Colour: White, beige, navy, brown and black



The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) standard ensures that the fabric has at least one material component consisting of more than 50% of recycled material. In our case we talk about recycled polyester.

Tootal Fabrics (Holland) B.V. is a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified supplier! At present we offer various items with a GRS certificate and we are dedicated to extend this part of the sustainable collection for contributing to a better environment. The GRS certificate also covers the ink/ dye stuff being sustainable. A combination of GRS with BCI can be offered.

To distinguish these sustainable fabrics from standard fabrics we use the extension 72 in our article number.

Click here for more information about GRS.


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