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Our favourite cold weather fabrics!
Winter is coming and we will help you get ready for colder days with these fabrics
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Winter is coming and we will help you get ready for colder days. Our trick to enjoy winter is extremely simple: wear warm and comfortable fabrics. And with exactly that, we can help! Cold-weather materials often have a tighter weave, which means that they trap air rather than letting it pass through. We will give you examples of some of our favourite fabrics for this winter for reading a good book at home, a walk in the woods or for looking professional at work! 


Brushed flannel  

Soft to the touch and extremely comfortable, brushed flannel fabrics are definitely high on our cold weather fabric list. During the process of creating brushed flannel fabrics the cotton is brushed on the face side to remove any lint and fibers. The process leaves a soft face that helps to trap heat; yet as a cotton it is also breathable. Click here to see the colour cards for our brushed fabrics! 



Pique has patterns of cording or fine ribbing. It has a textured, waffle weave look that can be used for a sophisticated or casual look. Our pique fabric, A571 comes in multiple colours. If you would like to see the colour card click here!



Denim is typically not a cold weather fabric! If you love denim and do not want to say goodbye just because it is colder, our 4814 and 4815 fabrics are heavier and therefore perfect for cold weather! 



Babycord is a type of corduroy fabric and owes its name to its delicateness. The width of cord is commonly referred to as the size of the “wale”. Which means number of cords per inch. The lower the "wale" number, the wider the width of the wale. Our A734 has 21 wales, which is pretty high, making it a babycord. Babycord is a classic cool-weather fabric, a delicate, fine and durable corduroy suitable for shirts, blouses or garments for children. If you would like to see the colour card of our A734, click here and select "See Colour card"!


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