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Dreaming of paisley
Trend alert, see the revival of the paisley print here!
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

This dreamy pattern has a long history. It originated in Persia and got its name from the town Paisley, in Scotland. The town of Paisley in Scotland was the world’s leading producer of shawls with paisley design, using 5 colours, where other producers at that time were using two. 

The paisley pattern has had its ups and downs but eventually always pops back up. In more recent decades it was the 70’s go to print, the main symbol for bandanas and has been worn and popularized by John Lennon. Every few years paisley regains its vigor and appears on catwalks of high fashion brands, eventually trending for a while, to disappear until this cycle starts again.

We are big fans of the paisley, believing in its perseverance and stylish character. Our designers love to play with the paisley design, sometimes keeping to its conformity and sometimes taking on a whole new interpretation of the paisley. All of our fabrics with paisley designs are printed, digitally or rotary. 


Colour splash 

If these colourful paisleys will not brighten up any piece of clothing, we don’t know what will.  Deep coloured backgrounds make the bright colours pop out, creating a happy palette of paisleys. 


Bohemian vibes

These swirling, bohemian inspired designs pay homage to the '60s and '70s hippie movement. 



These simple paisley designs come in classic blue hues. 



You can see and download our colour cards in our webshop, so you can always have them at hand. But if you would like a better impression of the fabric, you can order a colour card or sample as well!

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