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Today is World Kissing Day!
See our exclusive designs here, especially created for World Kissing Day!
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

“International Kissing Day or World kiss day on July 6th celebrates the enjoyable activity of kissing, and the part it plays in cultures throughout the world.” Read more about the origins of this happy day here.

This day celebrates kissing for all kinds of reasons. Romantically, culturally, as a greeting or farewell or simply to show affection. And with everything that is going on in the world, we can not forget to connect to each other! Even though connecting looks different now than it did last year, there are still ways to feel close to each other. 

In honor of World Kiss day, we wanted to bring a little extra joy into the world! Our designers made an exclusive World Kiss Day collection. Lips, love and laughter are definite themes and we are here for it. Use these designs for a shirt, a dress or a face mask and enjoy the art of kissing. 

If you are interested in any of these designs of if you would like to adapt one of these designs to create your own, feel free to contact us!

Bisous, besos, bacio, pocałunek, embrasser, küsschen, kusjes and kisses! 


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