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#In the spotlights #Facts

The Coronavirus had a major impact on our society and health and everyone has been affected by it. In this newsletter we want to give you a glimpse into what we have been doing recently. 

Our whole Tootal team has been busy working and because we strive for excellent delivery performance, we have spent a lot of time on a complete renewal of our ERP system and receiving a steady supply of fabrics from Asia. We have carefully maintained the level of stock of our fabrics, so as to not be affected by the current circumstances. 

Our team of designers have developed new designs and collections. We are focussing on a positive future, in which we will do everything we can to guarantee the best performance possible towards our customers. 

We made a selection of a few of our most popular and new fabrics. Read, see and order them before they are gone! Definitely stay tuned for part 2 (of 3) of this news series next week. 



The composition cotton/bamboo make this fabric very special. Because of this composition, the fabric can regulate warmth, is breathable and feels cool to wear especially in summer. Our cotton bamboo article A472 comes in multiple colours, with an average weight of ±124 g/m². This blend is the perfect combination between comfort and style. 

See a sneak peek of this collection here! Log in to see the entire collection directly. 



Single jersey is weft knitted fabric, which is formed by one set of needles. It is flexible and light, yet warm and insulating. A perfect fabric for draped garments, such as dresses and women's tops, but also looks great as a casual shirt or T-shirt. See a sneak peek of this collection here! Log in to see the entire collection directly.  




Pique and jersey are close-knit family. In contrast to jersey, pique has patterns of cording or fine ribbing. It has a textured, waffle weave look that can be used for a sophisticated or casual look. Our pique fabric, A571 comes in multiple colours. See a sneak peek of this collection here! Log in to see the entire collection directly.  


Digital print

Fashion trends are changing ever-faster. Digital prints are becoming more attractive due to low minimum orders, fast response, quick supply and fashionable and adaptable designs. 

Did you know that Tootal can also produce all these designs on various different fabric qualities? You can order all our designs in different colour combinations or even your very own design; either on compact cotton or on one of the other fabrics listed in this news item. The possibilities are endless. If you would like to see all of our options for (customizing) digital print, read our news item. See a sneak peek of our digital print collection here! Log in to see the entire collection directly.

Log in to see the entire collection here or see a sneak peek of this collection here!  


Last but not least!

Our fabrics are: 

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
  • In stock
  • Of high quality
  • Available in classic colours or modern print 

Next week we will release part 2 of this series! To give you an impression, we prepared a little sneak peek below!


You can see and download our colour cards, so you can always have them at hand. But if you would like a better impression of the fabric, you can order a colour card or sample as well!

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