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Our Inverno 2022/2023 collection is out now!
Beautiful colour palettes that will make you feel like you are in another world, from natural hues to striking colour combinations.
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

This digital print collection is designed by our own Italian design team. In order to obtain the highest and most consistent quality of printing level we are also producing in a state-of-the-art printing facility in Italy. As a result all the articles in this collection have European Origin. We print our digital print collections on a base fabric that consists of a 100% cotton 50’s single long staple compact yarn. 


The collection is divided into six different themes: “Oriental elements”, “Blue sakura”, “Urban”, “Styling details”, “The botanist” and “Extravagance”. The fabrics in this collection are all perfectly suitable for the classic fashion market. Beautiful colour palettes that will make you feel like you are in another world, from natural hues to striking colour combinations. 


Oriental elements

Water, earth, fire, air. Travel with us through all four elements. The designs in this selection were inspired by ancient and modern Japan. Views of ponds, fiery dragons, typical Japanese birds and flowers, checks and stripes. Enchanting fans with colourful designs, Japanese landscapes painted on what looks like old parchment. 

Mid brights with retro feel, that recall the old Japanese paintings, balanced with strong naturals amber and cream tones, set against dark burgundy, deep blue and pure black backgrounds. 


Blue sakura

Easy on the eye, this selection was inspired by Japanese patterns. Patterns based on simple dots, small flowers,  tiny leaves and new graphics are the symbols of this mood. Repetitive geometric forms in all shades of blue, light blue, turquoise accents, light and denim blue. 



Inspired by metropolitan areas, all of these designs represent daily life in the city. Daily life in the city is hectic, noisy and full of life. Windows, roofs, gates and skyscrapers drawn by hand with black and deep blue watercolour effect. 


Styling details

This selection has yarn dyed effect prints with a twist. Corduroy, checks, stripes, flowers and paisley designs painted in classical colour combinations, different shades of blue and burgundy, olive, mossy green, rusty browns, intense oranges and sulphur yellows with accents of pink and lilac. Corduroy simulations combined with paisley and faded effect patterns. 

Different weaves are blended with big flowers and ink stains make the designs modern and current. All these designs are 100% printed and you can’t find any signs of real yarn dyed! That’s our proposal for a vintage look revisited in a new printed evolution. Loden, mossy green, rust browns and sulphur yellows with accents of pink and lilac.


The botanist

A range of lush floral patterns, autumn leaves and animals that live in undergrowth all come together in ’The Botanist’. Psychedelic sceneries made up of frogs, mushrooms and coloured lines will lead you into an unusual and mysterious botanical paradise. The other side of this selection, instead, is quite romantic. Photographic flowers are painted with softer colours, roses as paintings on porcelain are presented with small geometric patterns that look like flowers and natural shapes. Our designers used natural hues for this selection, terracotta, golden ochre tones, pine forest grey, dark pinks, burgundy and deep blue.



The most crazy and unusual mood in the collection: “Extravagance”. Space for creativity! Inside every pattern there is something weird to find out. Magical potions, psychedelic dots, abstract designs that melt like ice cream in the sun. Black and white animals, leaves, flowers and geometrical elements are covered with animal prints and fur effects. The classical elements come alive in a funny and extravagant story! Main colours that are used are brown, black, grey, blue and multicolour variations.



Why digital print?

Fashion trends are changing ever-faster. Digital prints are becoming more attractive due to low minimum orders, fast response, quick supply and fashionable and adaptable designs. 

But, did you know that Tootal Fabrics can also produce all of these designs on a number of other fabrics and fabric qualities? You can order all our designs in different colour combinations or even your very own design. The possibilities are endless. Under the composition you can see the article numbers. You can search for these articles in our collection tool, to see their weight and construction and make the choice on which fabric to print.


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