#In the spotlights
Our '70s theme collection is out now!
This digital print theme collection will make you nostalgic for that ‘70s era!
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

The ‘70s, do you remember? Hippies, lava lamps, side burns and platform shoes are just a few things that come to mind. This digital print theme collection will make you nostalgic for that ‘70s era! Our designers added a few modern touches and created this collection. We selected a few favourites for you! 


Play that groovy music

A decade where rock ‘n roll, disco and funk dominated the music scene and juke boxes and LP’s were the way to go. Colourful designs that depict typical ‘70s elements!


Flower power

The flowers in these designs are painted on collages in exuberant colour combinations. Lush, busy canvases with various flower combinations make this selection a beautiful floral symphony.


Need a lift?

One of the iconic and recognizable symbols of the ‘70s is the hippie van! Dreamy ideas of travelling to different cities and countries, only bringing along the most necessary belongings and going where your heart takes you. 


Peace and love

Familiar symbols and images dominate this selection. A calm palette with an occasional outburst of a colour splash. 


Happy vibes

Soft shapes designed in matching, irresistible colour palettes, this selection will transport you right back to those days! 


Why digital print?

Digital prints are becoming more attractive due to low minimum orders, fast response, quick supply and fashionable and adaptable designs. Our theme collections are made-to-order and you can choose your own base fabric to print your design on. See the possible base fabrics in our themebooks, which you can find here.



There are a few factors that make digital printing more sustainable than traditional rotary screen printing. Digital printing only requires 1/3rd of the water that is used to print traditionally. And because there are no screens or cylinders produced, it saves energy and minimizes the environmental impact and carbon footprint. No fabrics are wasted as we only print what is required! 


Did you not find what you were looking for? Our designers can modify colours, shapes, dimensions or even prepare complete new designs based on your examples, inspiration or moodbard.


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At Tootal Fabrics we offer various possibilities for digital printing and designing your own fabrics, read all about the options in this news item! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your sales representative!

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