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These are the trends you will see in 2021!
We made the perfect summary of the trends you will see next year!
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

Trends can be inspired by anything and everything. Nature and technological developments are often a reflection of people and their preferences. Trends arise when change happens. People’s needs change slowly, while technology, knowledge and available means change quickly. Within these innovations there are always pioneers adapting to new trends quickly. There are various types of trends, that can be divided into smaller, concrete trends and bigger trends, that impact multiple facets of societies. The worldwide crisis has had its impact in multiple ways and therefor on upcoming trends.

We made a short summary of some of the trends you will see next year!  


Colour blocking

If you think 2 colours do not go together, think again. Get a little crazy and combine bright colours with other bright colours in 2021! 



The need for tweed is going strong and with it checks, pied-de-poul, tartans and plaids.  


Prints prints prints

This optimistic, happy trend will make life more colourful. Designs with patchwork, pied-de-poul or denim looks will gain more and more popularity. Our digital print design collection continues to grow and evolve. 



The pastel trend continues! A pastel colour palette creates a certain kind of delicacy and softness. We have a wide range of pastel coloured fabrics, have a look at some of our favourite pastels, that come in various compositions.  


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