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Out now! Our Inverno Digital Print 2021-2022 collection!
Our new Autum/Winter 2021-2022 collection is out now. We are taking you on a journey through forests, to the moon and back, to botanical parties and mixed moods.
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#In the spotlights

Our new Inverno digital print 2021-2022 collection is out now. We are taking you on a journey through forests, to the moon and back, to botanical parties and mixed moods. 

This digital print collection is designed by our own Italian design team. In order to obtain the highest and most consistent quality of printing level we are also producing in our state-of-the-art printing facility near Como in Italy. As a result all the articles in this collection have a European Origin. The base fabric on which we do print our collection consists of a 100% cotton 50’s single long staple compact yarn.  The collection is divided into four different colour themes: “Camouflaged Forest”, “Once in a blue moon”, “Botanical party” and “Mixed moods”. See our entire Inverno digital print 2021-2022 collection here or watch our online collection presentation here!


Camouflaged forest

This selection was inspired by life in the forest. Our designers used different innovative techniques for these designs: water colours, indigo effects on original designs and fabric patchwork. Our designers also transformed regular camouflage into a new type of camouflage, created by using leaves, dots, flowers and deer. It is their personal vision of camouflage. This selection is full of warm, autumn forest colours like warm yellows, burgundy, green and orange. 


Once in a blue moon

Blue. From its darkest to its lightest shade… It’s the color of the sea and the sky, it’s the king and queen of colors. In this selection our designers played with different backgrounds, like yarn dyed simulations (like pied-de-poule, mélange and denim effects) or scratched effects. In these multileveled designs the reigning colour is blue, mixed with accent colours and the occasional colour pop.


Botanical party

The patterns in this versatile selection are precise, sophisticated and complex, both in appearance and colours. Our designers drew their inspiration for these designs from the greatest designer ever: “mother nature”. Geometrical shapes, stripes with simple flowers, paisley and feathers form part of this botanical party selection where in colours range from wintery pastels to darker colours. 


Mixed moods

It’s the little things, like drinking a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon, that can make you the happiest. 

In this selection you will find varying designs ranging from tea spoons, racing cars, alarm bells, pipes to cupcakes and teapots. These designs complement and represent different moods we have all felt, especially lately. Getting cozy with a cup of tea, racing to excel and do the best we can and sometimes even wanting to drive away to freer, happier times. The colour palette is made up of solid and intense colors like dark blues, dark greens, dark reds and black with splashes of colors


Why digital print?

Fashion trends are changing ever-faster. Digital prints are becoming more attractive due to low minimum orders, fast response, quick supply and fashionable and adaptable designs. 

But, did you know that Tootal can also produce all these designs on a number of other fabrics and fabric qualities? You can order all our designs in different colour combinations or even your very own design. The possibilities are endless. Under the composition you can see the article numbers. You can search for these articles in our collection tool, to see their weight and construction and make the choice on which fabric to print.


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