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Our Hawaii collection is finally here!
Lively fabrics, depicting multiple facets of the beautiful Hawaiian islands
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

Aloha! We do not just have a new collection, we also have a new range of fabrics; Grand Classics. One of our first Grand Classics range is our rotary print Hawaii collection, Grand Classics 3. 

The Aloha shirt is not just a dad shirt anymore. It took a while to shake off this reputation but now it has. It has been reworked to look fresh and new and is worn by everyone. 

The Hawaii shirt or “Aloha shirt” might seem like a simple fashion item but its history is definitely not. Although still unclear where the Aloha shirt originated as there are multiple stories, it traces back to the 1920s, gaining popularity through celebrities and politicians who wore the shirt. 

In this collection you will find lively fabrics, depicting multiple facets of the beautiful Hawaiian islands. We’re taking you down the Hawaiian highway, along beaches with palm trees, white sands and surfers catching the waves. Through the versatile flora and fauna and national symbols of this beautiful island. 

Striking prints are now an established part of the fashion world. That’s why the various prints, including pineapples and large leaves, are a major part of this collection. 


Blooming business

Vibrant designs depicting tropical leaves in all shapes and sizes. The perfect fabric for an Aloha shirt or dresses and skirts, you will find these fabrics here


It’s a lifestyle

Cruising down one of the beautiful highways of Hawaii in an oldtimer, these fabrics show what a day of living the Hawaiian lifestyle looks like. Live the lifestyle yourself with these fabrics!


Hala kahiki (pineapple)

The vibrant colours on these fabrics paint a happy scenery of the best that Hawaii has to offer. Pineapples, palm trees and hibiscus flowers are everything you need to complete the Aloha shirt look. Discover the best of Hawaii here


Ride the waves 

The ocean was calling us and we had to answer! This playful fabric will brighten your day and any piece of clothing. Design your Hawaii shirt here



Mahalo for reading about our new collection. You can see and download our colour cards in our webshop. This also includes all of our Grand Classics fabrics so you can always have them at hand. But if you would like a better impression of the fabric, you can order a colour card or sample as well!

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