#In the spotlights
Our additional Primavera 2021 collection is out now!
Floral prints, inhabited jungle scenes and some Mediterranean vibes are coming your way!
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights

In our additional Primavera collection you will find even more floral prints, inhabited jungle scenes and some Mediterranean vibes. Travelling is limited right now but with these fabrics, you will feel like you are in another world.

The designs are digitally printed on a base fabric of 100% compact cotton, but can also be printed on other base fabrics, for example on 100% viscose, 100% polyester and cotton/linen blends. The Primavera 2021 collection is available in our Webshop, so order your collection cards or place a direct order now!



Daisies, poppies, buttercups and daffodils are just a few flowers that make this selection a beautiful floral symphony. Sunny yellows, deep blues and grassy greens complement the entire additional Primavera 2021 collection perfectly.


Animal kingdom 

Travel with us through a little part of the great animal kingdom, from the oceans to jungles. Bright accents and colourful animals make this a fun, playful selection!


Mediterranean vibes 

Splashes of blue, ornamental tiles against vivid white sceneries and bright accents form this beautiful summery selection. Imagine walking through sunny, narrow, cobbled streets with colourful flowers against white houses, this selection evokes that feeling. 


Jungle bungle 

These bright and colourful designs capture vibrant jungle scenes. Big leaves and colourful birds stand out against the dark background, allowing other colours to pop. 



There are a few factors that make digital printing more sustainable than traditional rotary screen printing. Digital printing only requires 1/3rd of the water that is used to print traditionally. And because there are no screens or cylinders produced, it saves energy and minimizes the environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Did you know that Tootal can also produce all these designs on a number of other fabrics and fabric qualities? You can order all our designs in different colour combinations or even your very own design; either on compact cotton or on one of the other fabrics listed below. The possibilities are endless. Under the composition you can see the article numbers. You can search for these articles in our collection tool, to see their weight and construction and make the choice on which fabric to print.

Contact our sales department for all of the possibilities to digitally print on our certified fabrics. 

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