Tootal Fabrics will be closed on Thursday, May 21st
Due to the national holiday, Ascension Day. We will be open again on May 22.
Author: Tootal

Next week, Thursday the 21st of May, is Ascension day, a national holiday in the Netherlands. 

The Tootal Fabrics head office will be closed. We will be open again on Friday, May 22nd. 

In the Netherlands there is a tradition on Ascension day that has seeped into the Dutch culture. That is the tradition known as ‘dauwtrappen’, which literally means ‘treading the dew’. A lot of people wake up at dawn to go for an early morning walk or cycling tour. This traces back to a tradition from the distant past when people used to wake up at 3 AM on Ascension Day, to walk barefoot through the grass and sing and dance, to celebrate the arrival of new life in nature. Are you curious about this national holiday? Please read all details on this page

Because of the current circumstances we will not be able to go out and about the way we usually would. The advice is still to stay home as much as possible. Hopefully next year we will be able to carry on our traditions, but to get into the mood, we have a few fabrics for bike- and nature lovers we would like to share with you! 


Did you know?

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