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Primavera 2021 collection!
Spring is in the air with our Primavera 2021 Cotton collection!
Author: Tootal
#In the spotlights #FAQ

Spring is in the air with our Primavera 2021 Cotton collection! Take a look at our brand new Digital Print collection, featuring over 100 designs. The vibrant colours, paisleys, floral and tropical designs will make you feel like spring is just around the corner. Take a look at some of our favourite highlights below!

The designs are digitally printed on a base fabric of 100% compact cotton, but can also be printed on other base fabrics, for example on 100% viscose, 100% polyester and cotton/linen blends. The Primavera 2021 collection is available in our Webshop, so order your collection cards or place a direct order now!



Wild flowers

These colourful floral designs give the ultimate springtime feeling. Classic flowers such as daisies, sunflowers and tulips appear in exuberant colour combinations. Perfect for designing a shirt or blouse to wear this spring!



Cities of love

A testament to the most romantic cities: Paris and Rome. Imagine yourself walking along the Seine, on a day with a warm breeze, with a French pastry in your hand and no destination in mind. Or maybe you would rather ride on a scooter through Rome, visiting the sights and stopping to get a gelato now and then?



Ode to the oceans

As a response to the ongoing discussions in the fashion industry, sustainability and the impact on the environment, our designers have chosen to dedicate this selection to one of the most important natural phenomenon’s: the ocean. Lively prints in vibrant blue tones depict the oceans, sea life and travel across the seas. The perfect design for explorers and wanderers. Design and create a shirt or blouse with these fabrics and wear it in combination with a pair of jeans.



Colour me happy

When vivid colours and geometric shapes come together, it creates a celebratory palette, as you’ll see in these designs. This selection will instantly put a smile on your face!


Tropical paradise

There is a new and playful version of the tropical summer print. Tropical blossoms and jungle animals stand out against the deep blue and green shades.

These designs transform clothing into a canvas for lush tropical paradise scenes.


Like riding a bicycle

There’s nothing more fun on a sunny spring day than riding your bike through the park or riding your bike anywhere for that matter. These eye-catching designs are perfect for bike lovers!


Animal kingdom

Nature in all its glory is definitely a recurring theme in our Primavera 2021 collection. We can’t think of a better example for the wonders of nature than the animal kingdom. Animals from all continents can be seen in bright arrays of colour combinations.


If you’re as enthusiastic about these prints as we are, head to our Webshop and order colour cards or place a direct order! Want to know more about digital prints? Then read more in this news item


There are a few factors that make digital printing more sustainable than traditional printing. In comparison to traditional printing, digital printing only requires 1/3rd of the water that is used to print traditionally. And because there are no screens or cylinders produced, it saves energy and minimizes the environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Contact our sales department for the possibilities to digitally print on our certified fabrics.


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