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Iron a shirt in 3 minutes


Many people dislike ironing. Because despite a good iron and a good ironing board, certain actions still need to be performed. Follow the instructions below and iron a shirt wrinkle-free in no time.

1.Before you begin, check the label on the shirt, it is there for a reason. The information on the label of the shirt tells you how to iron a shirt (fabric). Please beware that some fabrics should not be ironed because they can not stand the heat of the iron. To maintain your shirt for a long time, we recommend ironing the shirts inside out.

2. Start with ironing the sleeves. Hold the shirt at the shoulders and place it with the back facing upwards on the ironing board. Pull it taut, put the sleeve on the board and first smooth it out using your hand. First, iron the back of the sleeve. Start ironing at the seam of the shoulder in a downwards direction towards the end of the sleeve. Make sure the fabric remains taut on the ironing board.

3. Next, iron the front of the sleeve. Turn the shirt over and pull it taut at the shoulders. Then, place it on the ironing board. Put the sleeve down and again start ironing outwards from the seam of the shoulder towards the end of the sleeve. Do not iron a crease in the sleeve, since you are ironing the shirt inside out. Next, iron the cuff. Start on the inside and then iron the front (outside). Make sure not to iron a crease in your cuff! Repeat step two and three for the other sleeve.

4. Iron the torso area. Hold the right front at the collar and at the end of the right front. Pull the right front with the side seam along the board, over the top of the ironing board. Then iron the right front and repeat this for the left front.

5. Place the right shoulder of the shirt on the tip of the ironing board. Iron the front and the back of the shoulder. Repeat this step for the left shoulder.

6. Ironing the back of the shirt. First pull the right front of the shirt with the back facing upwards over the ironing board Iron the right back from the top downwards. Repeat this step for the left back.

7. Now iron the front placket along the buttons. Iron from the collar to the bottom of the shirt. Repeat this for the left front of the shirt.

8. Finally, iron the collar. Place the inside of the collar on the ironing board and then iron the collar. Turn the shirt over and then iron the outside of the collar. Do not press too hard, as this will create creases.

Nearly done…Carefully put the shirt on a coat hanger, making sure that no new creases are formed. Is ironing still an obstacle for you? In that case, there are always the Tootal easy-care fabrics.