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Fabric Factsheet

  • Panama collection

    Panama, also called basket weave, is a simple criss-cross weaving construction. The warp and weft threads are interlaced, were the weft group crosses the equal number of warp threads, by over and under, mostly used for men and women shirts and dresses. Our panama articles are available in 100% cotton blends and also in stretch in a wide range of colours.

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  • Taffeta collection

    Taffeta is a favourite choice for lining. It’s a shiny medium weight plain weave fabric. It has a ribbed structure in a diagonal direction. Take a look in our Tootal collection to see our taffeta fabric range.

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  • Print collection

    Uniquely designed Tootal fabrics! Fabric printing is a process where the designs will be printed on the complete fabric. Engraved plates, rollers or other screens are used to place the different colours on the fabric. This makes it easy to create fabrics with special designs. We have fabrics with attractive looks in different compositions and constructions.

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